Who We Are

Just what exactly is a “sage squirrel”?

Squirrels are much maligned! Squirrels are resourceful, clever, and tenacious problem-solvers. They are playful yet diligent, agile and adaptable. We share these traits but combine them with the insight and knowledge gained through their diverse backgrounds. Our unique partnership proved very effective in creating a platform for positive change.

Who we are

Yonda Snyder was the Director of the Indiana Division of Aging from 2014 until 2018. Yonda has a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University. Yonda is a customer service acolyte who also has ten years of executive level human resource management experience prior to leading the Division of Aging.

Yonda is a bit squirrely – in a good way! Yonda is a big picture systems thinker, with the ability to connect dots that may not appear related at first. She is a constant observer of organizational culture and the role that culture plays in the achievement of the mission and can facilitate the disruption necessary to drive transformation.

Erika Robbins, M.A., PMP directs large scale projects and teams focused on changing the way that people who need long term supports access and use publicly and privately funded health and social services. She has worked to transform health and social service delivery through the understanding and application of person-centered principles in program and policy design and evaluation, operational efficiency, the diffusion of innovative practices, and facilitation of cross-system collaboration and integration. She received her bachelor’s degree from Hanover College and a master’s degree from the Wright State University Applied Behavioral Science Program. She is an ambassador for LifeCourse, a person-centered practice framework.

Yvonne Lutz Powell, M.P.P., has worked across state and federal clients to develop, implement and evaluate new delivery and payment models.  She works with clients to develop strategies in response to new and emerging policies and market needs.  During 2021, Ms. Powell provided strategic oversight of analytic tools and community-level consulting approaches to support equitable access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines.  Over her career, she has consulted to more than 30 state Medicaid programs and/or their sister agencies.  Ms. Powell has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.