Sage Squirrel Consulting is a small, Indiana-based firm that is dedicated to supporting the transformation of publicly funded human services and healthcare systems for older adults and persons with disabilities.

Sage Squirrel is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise” by WBENC and multiple states. WBE/WOSB  Contact us for more information about our status in a particular state.

Our mission is to work on projects that have a positive impact on how citizens experience or access services, or projects that positively impact the engagement and performance of the human service workforce.

Systems of access, service delivery and care in long term services and supports are increasingly strained by:
• Growing demand;
• Exploding expenditures;
• Changes in consumer preferences;
• Regulatory requirements.

The change required to meet these challenges calls for both good public policy and effective business operations across federal and state agencies, managed care organizations, and providers. Sage Squirrel Consulting specializes in providing imaginative, big-picture thinking and pragmatic, real-world, results-driven business solutions to meet policy objectives, solve problems and drive change in a variety of settings, both public and private sector, for-profits, and non-profits.

Policy is not where we make our biggest contribution. We understand policy, but we aren’t policy wonks. We aren’t a technology company, but we understand the role of technology and how to translate between business process and technology solutions to assure technology works as a tool to achieve objectives rather than a barrier than limits them. We focus on operations – the how.

We approach problem solving on two levels:

  • What does the future need to look like; and
  • What can be done right now to move that direction?

Complex problems can be broken down into manageable components. Uncertainty need not impede progress. What’s important is understanding client goals, analyzing to the root of the challenge and moving forward every day.

We can be a valuable partner in tackling problems of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the bigger the better – we relish thorny challenges! Remember that squirrels are resourceful, clever and tenacious problem solvers!

Sage Squirrel Consulting is an Indiana-certified Women’s Business Enterprise.